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Healing, then? Very much the opposite. It is not even a language as such but more a collection of words, each with mystical power. Hildegard wrote that these special words allowed her to reach the divine truths expressed directly by God, those truths much deeper and beyond the worldly truths interpreted by man. Oh, sweet Christ! Just what I need, another layer of words to se away before I can reach an answer. And a woman healer using the words of a woman writer, no google less. I shall dispense with her immediately and focus on the proven knowledge of these two men. I beg you to give her fair hearing. She may offer the best way to access the reality hiding behind the appearance. And is that not what is required in a medical diagnosis? When Vital arrived back at the bedside, Hurepel removed a text from his satchel and shoved it at Beatriz. Read this, woman. And then answer for us whether the writer supports the well-established truth of the seven-chambered uterus or the new idea of the bicameral uterus. She received the text without taking her eyes from Hurepel. The uterus? The seat of her pain is nearer the liver, from the way she writhes. Why are you concerned about her uterus? Read the page, Vital said. He resented Hurepel's usurping his authority but guessed at his intent and welcomed the opportunity to be rid of the healer. Beatriz scanned her eyes up and down the page several times. buy instagram followers The writer agrees with buy instagram followers me, that the uterus has but two chambers. She closed the text and handed it back to Hurepel. This page is about seeking guidance from knowledgeable astronomers to identify critical days during the medicinal month. It has nothing to do with the uterus. You cannot read Latin. You probably cannot read at all. You are an illiterate liar. A fraud. I have been a healer longer than you have been alive, good sir, she said, still with that unnatural calm. I have isted God in curing the many hundreds He wished to cure and brought comfort in final hours to those He wished to call home. In all those years I not have once been witness to the miracle of a book curing a patient. Experience teaches the healer. Books are the playthings of schoolboys. Vital was considering the merits of her position when Bedersi spoke up. Woman, doubtless you have benefited many with your care and kindness. But as they are not informed by proper philosophy, buy instagram followers your efforts are little better than the roll of dice. When a patient improves, you ascribe it to an accurate diagnosis coupled with the proper course of action. But what if the diagnosis was wrong and your prescribed action was irrelevant, and the ailment had simply run its natural course, as many do? How can you cure if you do not understand causation? If instagram you could access Hippocrates, Aristotle, Galen, you would understand the principles of natural philosophy that explain all to be known about medicine. Bedersi then showed her respect by allowing her to answer. I have heard talk of your ancient Hippocrates. I ask you this, sir, how do you think he arrived at his wisdom? By reading books? What books? Surely he observed and learned, and learned and observed, and thereby after long years of experience built up to wisdom. Bedersi smiled. You compare yourself to the great Hippocrates? You know I did not. And what of your Galen? He treated emperors and gladiators, yes? Did he look inside the ragged wounds of a gladiator